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  1. i am very keen to work in oil/gas platform for an entry level position.

    Comment by krishna kumar km | August 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. I just read Tom Dyson’s column in DailyWealth concerning the opening of the Greenpeace office in Edmonton. Curiously, ETI has been attempting to place our ‘green’ plasma extraction and upgrading technology in Canada for years, but industry and government bureaucracy has not allowed us the opportunity to introduce new technologies which address virtually every environmental problem currently existing in current extraction and upgrading methods. Our technology uses no water, no natural gas, produces no greenhouse gases from the electrically-generated plasma, consumes very little electrical energy, and removes greater than 99.9% of the oil from the tar sands feedstock, leaving only clean, dry, non-toxic sand ready for reintroduction into the environment. Why would no one in industry or government be interested in such technology?

    Additionally, we have made a case for utilizing our plasma technologies for cleaning up the oil-polluted tailings ponds in Athabasca, separating the oil from the water by thermal molecular separation… something we do well. Again, no one wants to hear this.

    Just thought you might want to use our name when the government and industry experts tell you that no technology exists to fix the tar sands problem. We will be happy to provide independent testing data provided by Core Laboratories, Calgary, on the results of our process. Western Oil Sands sponsored the testing, but failed to pursue the technology. Internal politics are very powerful in this industry. The same is true with tar sands and oil shale opportunities here in the U.S. You should try introducing new technology to your local congressman, senator, DOE, or industry player, then see how quickly they escort you to the door.

    Our sales pitch below. I will be happy to provide additional info if you wish.

    Kind regards,

    Carlton Wingett
    President – ETI

    ETI innovative plasma technologies have been proven in noble metals extraction in the mining sector, and our oil extraction applications have been developed and tested over many years with several millions of dollars spent in R&D costs. We have completed third-party testing of our oil sands extraction technology through Core Laboratories, Calgary, with amazing results.

    Our technology uses no water and no natural gas. No toxic wastes or polluted tailings are produced by our process. A proprietary coupling of low density plasma in a vacuum reactor utilizing electromagnetic fields removes virtually 100% of the oil (bitumen) from the tar sands feedstock. The oil is significantly upgraded during the extraction phase. Tailings are clean and dry sand, ready for reintroduction into the environment. We know of no other technology which can accomplish this.

    The technology itself produces no greenhouse gases and consumes very little electrical energy. It is efficient ‘green’ technology at its best… Kyoto Treaty ready.

    Kind regards,

    Carlton Wingett – President


    Phone (850) 308-5388

    Comment by Carlton Wingett | August 7, 2007 | Reply

    • Mr. Wingett,
      It would appear that your technology and processes are even more relevant now. The activists groups are continuously attacking the Canadian Oil Sands companies demanding safer processes of extraction as the companies are currently polluting the air, soil and water in Canada. I hope that Enviroxtract gets the call as I have been emailing activist groups, journalists and Oil Sands companies suggesting that they look at http://www.enviroxtract.com .

      Comment by Mike | October 21, 2010 | Reply

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